So, you’re eating lots of fat, and you’re losing no weight.
Or you’re eating no carbs, and you’re losing no weight.
Or you’re not experiencing any of the heightened physiological and psychological benefits that comes along with creating and using ketones as you’re primary source of fuel.

Or, you’re miserable and you want to quit because nothing is working.


It’s all about returning to what needs to happen, before anything else.

You may know the acronym KISS (Keep IT Simple Stupid) I love this acronym because no matter what you’re trying to achieve in this world we can always take a step back, reevaluate, and take notice that its very likely that we are over thinking it.

When it comes to the state of ketosis, you have to remember that.
1. Ketosis takes place when there is no food in the body.
2. Stored Carbohydrate needs to be emptied.
3. We do this by drastically limiting carbohydrate consumption.
4. Increase fat intake so your body knows which fuel source is in charge (because fat is how ketones are created. If there is ample fat coming in, the body will be more willing to use it.

If we can revolve all of the food going in the body around these 4 principles, ketosis can be asked quickly and with relative ease.

Technically, for someone who eats 80% carbohydrates in there diet, they can access a ketogenic state in days (maybe even less)

Sure drastic measures need to take place, but it’s possible. all that has to happen is the first 3 principles at minimum to start the process. To balance hormone secretions in the right proportion, and make this way of life sustainable, the 4th principle needs to be implemented.

Legs go over it in detail together.

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