Dr. Richard Veech spent decades studying the nuances of human metabolism, with his scientific contributions being highly lauded among his colleagues.

“He has redefined our understanding of metabolism,” said Dr. Thomas Seyfried of Boston College.

In an airplane crash of 48 passengers in 1968, only 10 survived…including Dr. Veech. He was named a Hero of New Hampshire for providing medical care to the survivors even though he had a broken back.

At age 84, Dr. Richard Veech passed away on Jan 30, 2020.

We dedicate this episode of “Geoff Talk” to Veech’s memory & scientific legacy. Geoff starts off with Dr. Veech’s biographical facts, dives into some of his most interesting contributions to science, and discusses how Dr. Veech’s work inspires his thinking and gives an indication to where the future of ketone metabolism, human performance, and healthspan is headed.


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