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Stay in Ketosis! Lemon Curd Keto Recipe: Only 1g of Carbs- Thomas DeLauer… All right, and to give you a little science background on this, so the whole reason we’re using Kerrygold and not traditional butter is it all comes down to, again, that omega 3, omega 6 balance. So you might be wondering, “Why do all these keto people talk about Kerrygold?” Whole purpose of using any kind of grass fed butter is the fact that the cattle were actually eating grass versus eating grain and soy. So remember how I told you those crabby patties have a bunch of soy in them? Well, yeah, definitely not grass fed crab.

So then we get into the lemons. I’ll talk a little bit about the lemons when we start making the dish. Okay, then the eggs. Very important you get high omega value eggs. But the interesting thing is, we’re only using the yolks, we’re not using the whites. The whites are the most inflammatory part of the egg.

So the egg whites will trigger an inflammatory response on you. Usually the egg yolks are not very inflammatory and they’re a perfect balance of the right fats and cholesterol, so in this case perfect for what we’re doing.

Monk fruit. Reason we’re using monk fruit and not stevia this time, a lot of new emerging evidence with monk fruit, showing that monk fruit, because it contains mogrosides, are actually very, very, very powerful at killing off bad bacteria in your gut. So we’re definitely going for that. Now, I will say, this particular brand does cut it with some erythritol, I’m not the biggest fan of erythritol in the world, but it’s not going to kill you, it just adds a couple of carbs to the mix by way of sugar alcohols.

Then I’ve got some Four Sigmatic here, but I’m using a specific kind of elixir this time, I’m using one that has a little bit more of a citrusy flavor that we can add to this. The reason I’m using Four Sigmatic is because it has a powerful, powerful blend of mushroom extracts that are going to make this not only an awesome keto dish, but it’s going to make it a very, very powerful brain booster as well. So down in the description you’ll see a discounted link to that. They’re a major sponsor of this channel. So huge thank you to them.

Okay, so we’re going to take our butter here, very important the label is there, and we’re going to just throw that right into the pan. This is the easiest recipe ever. We’re just going to go ahead and throw this butter in. We’re going to melt it down, and pretty much you just add everything else to the pot here. So the hardest thing about this actually is that you have to stir, so we have to really make sure we’re keeping an eye on this so that the bottom doesn’t burn.

So you may notice that I’m always using lemons in a lot of my keto recipes, so I mix them with apple cider vinegar and all that stuff. The reason is, well first of all, they’re awesome, but second of all, when it comes down to keto, it makes a big difference in how your body utilizes bile.

So if we have more bile, then we have better fat metabolism, fat digestion. So it definitely helps out with that. Also really, really good for gallstones, which is also good for your gallbladder in the first place, which therefore clears out your bile ducts so that bile can work better.

So we are just about melted here. We’re going to ahead and grab our half cup of the monk fruit sweetener, and we’re just going to pour it right in while whisking. Look how good that already looks. Got to make sure we get it all in there.

So something I found out about monk fruit is that monk fruit does not even trigger any kind of fructose receptor or anything like that. Even stevia actually has components of it that actually still trigger a little bit of an insulin response.

Mogrosides, which is the active component of the monk fruit that we’re after doesn’t have any carbohydrate impact, like it’s triggering sweetness on an entirely different level. So it’s really interesting, like normally you’re triggering sweetness through a different avenue that still activates some kind of glucose transport system. Monk fruit doesn’t activate any glucose transport system.

The sweetness is a completely different ballgame altogether. So no insulin spike, nothing like that. That’s what’s really powerful about monk fruit. The only downside is, a lot of times it ends up cut with erythritol because it does have a little bit of a bitterness to it, not even as bitter as stevia, to be honest.