Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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02:10 Peter’s Journey: Peter ran his first marathon, doing the traditional carb load. His performance and condition suffered.
04:16. We were underutilizing our ability to metabolize fat for performance.
09:14 Peter and Phinney’s relationship brought Peter data to confirm his findings and it brought Phinney a pool of endurance athletes in one sport from which to extract data.
10:09 Western States 100 Study inspired the FASTER study of metabolic differences between high carb and low carb endurance athletes by Phinney and Volek.
12:10 Fat adaptation/metabolism is about beta oxidation, which occurs within the mitochondria of the cell and is difficult to measure directly.
13:53 Glucose and ketones are interchangeable fuel sources for the aerobic spectrum, though not as much in high intensity.
14:52 When you are highly fat adapted, ketone levels are not highly elevated.
15:47 Some athletes will run high glucose and low ketones.
16:20 Fat adapted athletes replenish glycogen despite not consuming carbohydrates. When you are fat adapted, your body will produce the energy substrates to meet your metabolic need.
18:47 Most ketosis studies have been performed on relatively sedentary subjects.
22:59 You need both aerobic training and HIIT. When you build an aerobic base on a fat burning physiology it is powerful.
25:19 Mitochondrial density and capillary density are the foundation.
26:25 Fat adaptation reduces inflammation.
27:37 Women athletes who try to do straight up keto often encounter adrenal stress.
29:22 Chronic high stress/cortisol can cause weight gain, even when an athlete is hardcore keto.
34:41 Biological science looks at one certain aspect and attempts to control the variables. We interpret this as an absolute and applicable in the real world.
39:48 Peter wants people to eat the entire animal: organ meat, skin and connective tissue, as well as muscle meat.
41:56 When Peter’s vegetarian athletes take desiccated liver capsules and gelatin capsules, injuries stop and performance goes through the roof.
42:37 We are omnivorous carnivores.
43:30 In winter, our feeding window is smaller due to circadian rhythms.
45:17 When you are well fat adapted, alcohol and fructose become useable energy substrates.
46:22 The main ingredient in Vespa is a natural biologically active peptide derived from the giant Asian wasp. The wasp must have the peptide to be able to metabolize fat at a high rate.
51:07 Recovery is faster with ketosis and Vespa because you haven’t done the damage in the first place. When you are not doing the damage, you get stronger faster.
56:48 Peter’s Morning Routine: Peter has young children, so mornings are a free- for-all. He has a cup of coffee with heavy cream and a small amount of sugar.
58:22 Peter’s Desert Island Nutrient: Coconut. Ancient people had it figured out. Relax. Eat whole fresh foods. Eat produce in season and fresh meats.
59:29 We have a great deal of fear-based thinking about food. Be flexible about your food. Peter finds there is no significant difference between organic and non-organic foods.
01:01:52 Peter’s Elevator Speech: We need to teach our bodies to get back to burning fat. We have to look at the metabolism even more than food or diet.