Ketosis: The Top 3 Veggies for Low Carb Diets: Thomas DeLauer

You shouldn’t be afraid of the vegetables when you’re in ketosis. Don’t listen to the people that tell you that all these veggies are going to kick you out of ketosis and all this and it’s going to ruin your time, because it doesn’t always apply. I want to give you the three top vegetables that you should be eating, without a doubt, when you’re in ketosis. It comes down to a few different factors. It’s not just carbohydrates, although they do weigh a big part in this.

The first vegetable that you really want to make sure you get a ton of when you’re in ketosis is asparagus. Why? For one, asparagus is one of the lowest carbohydrate vegetables that you’re going to find. Generally speaking, like 10 to 15 stalks of asparagus, you’re only going to have like four grams of carbs. Within that, you’re going to have two grams of fiber, so you really have barely any net effective carb, but it’s more so than just that. It’s the fact that it is a heavy, heavy prebiotic fiber. That prebiotic fiber helps act as a fertilizer for your intestinal tract and a fertilizer for the gut bacteria. When you’re in ketosis, a lot of times we get a little bit of digestive upset right out the gate because our bodies are adapting to this new style of eating. Some of the gut bacteria that we were proliferant in before starts to go away and we start to establish new gut bacteria, which means we need that fertilizer to help it grow.

Additionally, asparagus has something called asparagine in it. That asparagine in it is a very, very powerful component that helps our kidneys out. It helps our kidneys flush out extra calcium, and it helps our livers out too. We have a huge detoxing effect that comes from asparagus when we’re in ketosis.

Next up, cabbage. Why cabbage? For one, it’s cruciferous, which I’m going to talk about in a little bit, but number two, it is huge when it comes to a probiotic effect. Yep, talking about gut health again. Cabbage contains a lot of sulfur as well. That sulfur can help heal some issues from acid reflux. A lot of times when people first start having fats in their diet, they start getting some issues where they feel really acidic, sometimes they get heart burn. The sulfur in the cabbage can help that, but one thing that I love when I’m in ketosis is sauerkraut.

Third, bok choy. Bok choy is quickly becoming one of my favorite vegetables. It’s another cruciferous one. Let me drop some knowledge on your regarding cruciferous vegetables. Contains something called indole-3-carbinol and diindolylmethane, also known as DIM. These are estrogen modulators. When you’re in ketosis, we are doing a good job at modulating a lot of our hormones to begin with. Everything kind of balances out, but high levels of estrogen are usually associated with higher levels of body fat. If we can reduce the bad estrogens in the body, we can usually reduce that overall negative feedback that ends up producing more body fat.

Now, to make matters better, bok choy is awesome in Vietnamese pho. If you just skip out on the noodles, add the bok choy, and add some of those other veggies, you’re off to the races.