This video is a 101 introduction on nutritional ketosis and my whole food approach. I use this video as onboard for my program as I want all members to have a foundational level of information prior to launching into my class which has people that are new to keto as well as those that have been fat adapted for years but are looking for more functional medicine.

My 12-week food-as-medicine virtual ketosis program is next level! You are going to learn how to understand your body’s signals and feedback, you will be able to apply functional medicine approaches to whole body health. In my 6 classes of this 12-week program not only will I help you to get fat adapted and optimize your metabolism, but you will be empowered with next level food-as-medicine approaches for various areas of imbalance within the body.

My 6 bi-weekly classes will educate you on:
Insulin resistance and cardiometabolic health
Leaky Gut, autoimmune conditions, and inflammation
HPA-axis thyroid, adrenals and impact of stress
Dysbiosis, candida, and the microbiome
Hormones, menopause/andropause, PCOS, and infertility
Detox, genetics, and nutrigenomics

Beyond the advanced topics and “a-ha” moments you will have with direct supplement recommendations and food-as-medicine solutions, ll address keto pitfalls, provide customizable handouts, and support you in the private member-only facebook group.

This course is an incredible value as $299 or $269 (without ebooks) is significantly cheaper than an initial consultation with me and you get my brain, my protocols, and access to my labs and supplements with a member discount. Grab your spot today and tag a friend that you think needs to join you or get started on reclaiming their health incorporating a real food keto approach but taking things to the next level!
Food-as-Medicine Ketosis Program