Today, we’re talking about keto and alcohol. You’ll learn all about how alcohol affects your health, your ability to lose weight, and your ability to get into ketosis… And… we’ll share some practical tips for drinking alcohol on keto.

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Chef Elisa here from, where we’ve helped thousands of people transform their bodies using at-home workout routines and by applying simple, effective nutrition advice.
Today, we’re going to cover some questions that many keto and low-carb dieters want a definitive answer to. They are:
How will drinking alcohol affect my health?
How will drinking alcohol affect weight loss on keto?
Will drinking alcohol knock me out of ketosis?
We’ll also share some of our most practical tips for drinking alcohol on keto, like how to make a cocktail with no carbs or sugar in it for the occasional celebration.
Before we get started, remember: all the information in this keto alcohol video should be taken as a guideline, and not as a substitute for medical advice. It’s always best to speak with your doctor about specific diet or lifestyle questions that involve low carb dieting or drinking alcohol. And remember, always drink responsibly.

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