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. . If you’re curious about ketosis and what it does to your health, check this out. 

0:05 What is ketosis?
0:12 What are ketones?
0:47 The premise of ketosis 
1:03 What is insulin?
2:19 How to get into ketosis 
2:30 The benefits of ketosis 
4:25 Healthy fats 
5:22 Long-term health effects 
6:21 Keto adaptation 

In this video, I’m going to cover what you need to know about ketosis.

What is ketosis?
Ketosis is a state of fat-burning. When you’re in ketosis, you’re making something called ketones. 

What are ketones?
Ketones are a healthy alternative fuel for the body rather than having glucose as fuel. Ketones are a cleaner and more efficient fuel source for the body than sugar. Ketones will also give a person more energy than glucose. 

With ketosis, you’re trying to lower your insulin (by lowering your sugar and refined carb intake) way down. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar. Our bodies were not designed to consume the amount of sugar that the typical person consumes. Having high insulin levels may come with a lot of damaging health effects. 

You can get into ketosis by doing the healthy keto diet plan, which involves: 

• Lowering your carbs 
• Increasing your dietary fats 
• Consuming a moderate amount of protein

Ketosis may help:

• Lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol 
• Improve blood sugar levels and insulin resistance 
• Improve memory 
• Reduce acne
• Reduce the risk of cancer 
• Decrease PCOS 
• Decrease inflammation 
• Promote good digestion 

Healthy fats to consume on the healthy keto diet plan:

• Grass-fed animal products (do not consume lean meats)
• Organic eggs (consume eggs with the yolks)
• Wild-caught fish 


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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand ketosis and what it can do for your health.