How to tell if you are in ketosis, 8 early signs you are entering ketosis without having to test. A few days after starting the keto diet there are several symptoms of entering ketosis, that can make testing unnecessary.

After starting your keto diet the first sign of ketosis is common to have:
1. Keto Breath – fruity/maple syrup smell, one way to help this is to use mint
(however, everyone does not always experience this at all)

The second main sign of ketosis is an early symptom called: keto flu
2. Keto flu – Your body has been a carb burner and you have to deplete your carbohydrate stores before you can start utilizing ketones. It can take several days to a week or more for these symptoms to resolve. Some of the most common symptoms of the keto flu are: fatigue, weakness, brain fog, and muscle cramps. You can utilize broth, foods high in magnesium and potassium, and increasing sodium intake if your health allows.

During the keto flu phase because they are not fat or ketone adapted, but still in this early ketosis may experience:
3. Increased cravings/hunger – Make sure you are eating when hungry, and not getting any hidden sugars or starchy carbs that may turn on food cravings and increase hunger. Once you are fully in ketosis these symptoms typically resolve.

Another common symptom of entering ketosis is:
4. Fatigue or decreased athletic performance – don’t overdo your exercises during this time

These last 4 signs & symptoms of early ketosis typically last just a few days:
5. Weight loss – rapid weight loss due to water loss, it is really important that you stay hydrated during this time by increasing your intake of water and electrolytes
6. GI symptoms – it is common to have changes in bowel movements that may cause constipation or diarrhea. Making sure you have a good intake of fiber, water, and magnesium-rich foods can help resolve constipation.
7. Sleep disturbance may take weeks to resolve, most people are fatigued at first, and then may experience insomnia from the increased energy in the later stages of entering ketosis
8. Urine and sweat smell bad- once your body starts using ketones for energy, and the vegetables you are consuming are helping you detox, you may notice that your urine or sweat smell bad. This should decrease gradually unless you are doing a lot of detoxing and in this case may take some time. Some people feel bad during a detox, these symptoms are similar to the keto flu.

When you are experiencing those last 4 signs and symptoms you should be transitioning to an optimal ketosis level that supports energy, and weight loss.

Products that I use to help with these symptoms
Bone Broth that I Use: – increased electrolytes, and hydration levels
Salt that I use: – helps support electrolyte balance
KetoneAid – Helps give your body immediate Ketones to use, increases energy, helps to feed the brain, and decrease hunger/cravings:
AppeCurb by Xymogen, to support decrease hunger, cravings, and support the brain.

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