I have had a planned break from the keto diet and low carb diet over the festive season, predictably I have exceeded my goal weight range by a few kilograms so now it is time to do something about it and lose some weight before it gets out of hand. Taking a break from the keto diet is not a bad thing. I believe it allows your body, particularly your digestive physiology to stay tuned to receiving the full omnivore diet. We evolved to be able to make use of a wide variety of nutrients so cheating on the keto diet is not a mortal sin in fact it may be beneficial. Here is my approach to get back into ketosis on the keto diet and lose weight fast to reach my desired weight range as quickly as possible.
Step 1. Intermittent fasting and increased activity for 3-5 days. I intend to do 24 hour fasts for at least 4 to 5 days. During this period supper will be the only meal of the day and I will choose from one of these very satisfying meals so that I don’t have to contend with hunger. I expect to be well into ketosis at the end of this period and will probably drop between 1-2 kgs a lot of which will be water.
I will also take mineral and vitamin supplements and drink plenty of water. I will drink black sugarless coffee whenever I feel a bit peckish. But the main thing is that I will keep myself busy with DIY, gardening and computer work, I find this most useful to get me through intermittent fasting.
I know when I’m going into ketosis because I wee a lot and I suddenly drop ½ to 1 kg in 24-48 hours which is mostly water. I may also experience a touch of ‘keto flu’.
Step 2. When I am stable in ketosis I will continue with 16 hour fasts for about 4 days per week this means skipping breakfast on those days. Of course I will be keeping my meals strictly keto, high healthy fat, moderate protein and ultra low carbs. This video describes the details of a keto diet.
Step 3. When I reach my goal weight, which should take no more than 2 to 3 weeks I will then switch to a low carb diet for maintenance. You might find this video helpful in this regard.
I must say that I don’t find the keto diet a burden and I am quite looking forward to getting back on track.
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