How to Get Into Ketosis in ONE Day (24 hours or less)

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How to Get Into Ketosis in ONE Day (24 hours or less)

This is the Absolute Fastest Way to Get Your Body into Ketosis in 5 Simple Steps

Tip 1: Fast

Fasting will deplete your glycogen reserves. Glycogen is the storage-form of, which is glucose sugar. If there’s no glucose to extract energy from, your body’s next fuel of choice is fat.

There are 2 ways you can fast for ketosis.

Option 1 is a straight up 24 hour water fast, literally the only thing that passes through your lips is water.

Option 2 is a fat-fast. You still drink water, but you also eat healthy, fat-rich foods like eggs, avocadoes, salmon, nuts and coconut oil.

Tip 2: Supplement Your Fat Intake with MCT Oil
Short for “medium-chain triglycerides. When ingested this special fatty acid automatically converts into ketones, which then go to the blood stream to directly energize your brain, muscles and organs. It is an extremely efficient tool for entering ketosis fast, in One day, 24 hours or less.

Take 1 table spoon, daily, for a solid 14 g of super healthy fat.

Tip 3: Lift Weights During Your Fast.

45-60 minutes of Moderate to high intensity full body workouts on an empty stomach. If weights are not your thing, HIIT workous are a great alternative. Push for a 2:1 Rest to Work ratio for 15 rounds.

Tip 4: Sleep More.

Aim for at least 6 hours of regular, uninterrupted sleep. 7.5-8 hours is ideal. Avoid blue light at least 3 hours before you sleep.

Tip 5: Supplement with BHB Ketones

By putting more BHB into your body, you can become ketogenic quicker. Take one dose, as instructed on the product label with a glass of water.

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