Written recipe: https://www.ketomealsandrecipes.com/recipe/crispy-buffalo-wings/
These tasty Buffalo Chicken Wings, which are keto, sugar free and gluten free, have a crispy exterior and juicy and tender interior. These keto chicken wings are baked in the oven in 2 easy steps. The first step is to apply my dry seasoning which includes gluten free baking powder, which reacts with the fat to create the crispy skin. The low carb Buffalo wings also use my easy to make Keto Buffalo Sauce, which is faithful to the original recipe and uses Frank’s Red Hot and lots of butter – the same as the pubs in Buffalo, New York where these wings were first served. Once the first bake is done, toss with a coating of the buttery Buffalo BBQ sauce, place the coated wings back on the wire rack and return to the oven for a final bake. Serve these hot and delicious wings with the Blue Cheese dip and enjoy the wings and dip while watching the Superbowl game, or when relaxing with your friends.
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