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AfiLab by Afimilk – your cow’s body guard at all times

Oded Nir, (Markusfeld) BVSc, Scientific Consultant, Afimilk

“Ketone bodies are a manifestation of the negative energy balance brought about by increased milking and decreased appetite. The adverse effects of ketosis could be short term or long term ones, and it effects milk production, fertility and survival.”

AfiLab – Where the milk starts “talking”
The in-Line, real time milk analyzer

The AfiLab measures Milk fat, Protein, Lactose, Blood, Coagulation potential.

4 reason why measuring milk components every milking makes good sense

Ketosis. Fat to protein ratio is an early indication of ketosis
Nutrition. Early detection of nutrition problems prevent costly damage
Ruminal Acidosis. Detecting fermentation disorders (Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis – SARA)
Mastitis. Early treatment of Mastitis may prevent most of its damage

Founded in 1977, Afimilk® is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management. A pioneer in the field, Afimilk® introduced the world’s first electronic milk meter over 25 years ago and since has continued to provide advanced solutions for the milking parlor having installed more than 1600 computerized management systems, 110,000 milk meters and over one million ID tags in more than 50 countries on five continents.