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I am about to start a five-day water fast. I’ve already had dinner, and I guess technically I’ve already started, but who knows, I might sneak in a cheeky little dessert. And then, whatever time I start tonight, probably 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., I won’t eat again until Tuesday night at the same time.

So it’ll be four or five days, and the only thing that I can consume during that period is water. It takes about three days, roughly, for the body to use up all of its remaining glucose stores that are in the bloodstream and stored in the liver, and once all of that’s gone, the body then starts turning to fat as a source of energy and starts breaking down the fat. So a few things happen. One is, over those three days, you detox your system or all of the remaining sugars in the body.

And as your body starts to look for alternative sources of fuel, and it turns to fat, what happens in that process is it starts to break down anything it can find to create sources of fuel. So that actually helps the process of detoxification because it’s breaking down unwanted, or unnecessary things in the body to help get fuel. And what you’ll notice, and what I found the last time I did an extended fast, is even though I’m not consuming anything, obviously I’m drinking lots of water, but when you go into the wee, like there’s still quite a lot of color in it because your body’s just cleansing itself, and it’s all gradually coming out.

Now, at the three-day mark, roughly, once it’s got rid of all the sugars, it starts getting into the fat burning. You’ll notice if you use the test strips that the level of ketones in your wee starts to go up. It’s usually quite low, and then it starts to go up. And that means that your body is in ketosis, which means that your body is using fat as a fuel source. During the fast, I’ll monitor my levels, and I’ll be looking for my body to get into ketosis. And that means you’re being fueled by fat, and you’re no longer relying on the kind of glucose sugars your body obviously breaks down the fat into, into forms of sugars, but it’s good, it’s from a good source.

What happened last time was when I got to the three-day point, I was super low energy, but as the third day progressed, my energy starts to pick up as the new energy source started to kick in. By the time it got to the next day, I start to feel full of energy and alive again, even though I haven’t started eating yet. But last time, my fast ended right when that process was happening. So, this time, I’m extending my fast to five days so I get a full two days when I’ll be in ketosis, and I want to see what the energy experience is like when I’m actually being fueled by fat instead of the normal kind of sugars and whatnot.

Now, what some people do when they get into ketosis is they want to maintain ketosis, even once they start eating again. And so they only feed themselves fats, certain fatty foods, to only put fat into the body so the body stays in ketosis even once they’re eating again. I’m not about to do that, I’m just doing this initial five-day fast as a test, but who knows what I’ll decide to do in the future.

When you move to the more extreme end of the spectrum, doing 10-day, 15-day, 20-day, or even 30-day fasts, your body gets to the stage where it’s breaking down so much of its fats and other matter, that it’s actually starting to detoxify you on a cellular level.

Which is super interesting ’cause my dad actually was the one who did this last year. He did a 30-day fast, so he didn’t eat any food at all for 30 days. And so once a lot of his body fat was shed, where else is the body gonna go to get sources of energy? So what happens is the body starts cleansing itself at a cellular level, breaking down weaker cells, targeting even cancerous cells as a source of energy.

And people, by doing extended fasting, 30-day fasting, cure themselves of all sorts of illnesses, allergies, even when they don’t necessarily know what the source of their ill health is, these things just get cleared up because you’re detoxifying yourself at a really, really deep cellular level. I will do a few updates as I go through the weekend, but I think that is it for now. Five-day fast, starting this evening.

Friday morning, about 6:30 a.m. And I just realized that I’ve kind of shortcut my morning routine by about an hour because obviously, I’m fasting today. And because I’m doing five days of fasting I’m not training on these days, so actually I’m up an hour early, earlier than I would normally been, for whatever reason. And I’ve got an extra hour to spare on top of that, so I am two hours ahead of schedule. Already.

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