Ketosis Hypnosis! The two go hand in hand. Kick start or motivate to keep going on your ketosis weight loss diet and visualize your ideal image of a healthier version of you – fitter and more vibrant inside & out. You will awaken with a motivation to plan new recipes, new foods, bringing in only healthy keto foods and easily turning away from sweets and processed foods.

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This is a potent self-guided MOTIVATING MEDITATION hypnosis experience designed for your subconscious. It was written and produced to elicit motivation and excitement for change. Together we will clear out all of your subconscious or unconscious negative thoughts, old habits, and emotional baggage with your own positive mind.

This video is deep hypnosis for your Mind Body and Spirit. This Sensational Journey Sound Therapy harnesses the knowledge that vocals and sound can have a powerful effect on our emotions. This video was crafted using the latest technologies of brainwave entrainment to stimulate your senses.

This channel uses positive voice suggestions, often accompanied with calm images, background sounds, and meditation music, to allow you your very best state of relaxation, inner change, to remove negative blocks, and to create self-guided healing therapy; with techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy, modern psychotherapy, trance work, guided relaxation, NLP, cognitive-behavioral psychology, mindfulness meditation.

To get the full benefit from Sound Therapy you must use headphones, relax and hit play. To experience this brainwave for the first time, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed where you can comfortably lay or sit down, close your eyes, and quiet your mind as much as possible. Do NOT listen while driving! After listening to this Sound Therapy a couple of times, you can enter this trance-like state with much less effort.

This audio is not intended for medical use or replacement of a certified Hypnotherapist.
Enjoy deep relaxation and improved focus, as you take this time to create your own most beneficial behaviors, by discovering new and empowering choices.

With regular self-hypnosis, you can truly allow your powerful, positive thinking self to emerge for your best present and brighter future.

Script written and original vocals by Tara Lilley © 2018
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Love and Light, Tara

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