Original release date: 7/16/2018

In this episode, Dom D’Agostino, one of the smartest people on all things related to ketones, digs deep into the research and application of these molecules. We discuss ketone esters, diesters and monoesters, racemic ketones, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), C8 (caprylic acid) on the exogenous ketone (EK) side of things. We also cover a lot of Dom’s fascinating work with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Dom also discusses the strategy and tactics of the metabolic management of cancer, which includes, but is certainly not limited to, a ketogenic diet (KD). Cancer is covered throughout this episode, but if there’s one section to listen to, skip ahead to the 2-hour mark and listen to what Dom has to say about the Press-Pulse approach.

Show notes page: https://peterattiamd.com/domdagostino/

We discuss:
-Dom’s early medical training in hyperbaric chambers [7:00];
-Effect of ketones on cancer cells [20:00];
-Ketones and oxygen toxicity seizures [32:00];
-HBOT & its many applications [40:00];
-Ketones, MCTs, and exogenous ketones [59:15];
-How ketones affect blood glucose [1:20:00];
-Ketone esters, salts, enantiomers vs. racemic BOHB [1:38:00];
-Dom’s ketone tolerance test [1:56:00];
-The metabolic management of cancer using a Press-Pulse approach [1:59:45]; and

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